4 Things I’m Certain to Not Let Go: Old School Tools That Still Rule

pen to paperI admit, the ever-evolving world of technology makes our life easier and more efficient. But as a baby boomer I confess, (and unlike our millennial children), it’s increasingly harder to keep up with these changes. The advances are morphing at rapid speed.

I work hard to learn what my children seem to know intuitively. Without question, computers have streamlined processes in ways we could have never imagined.  The Internet makes information accessible and fast. Technology has changed everything.

But there are still a few ‘old school’ ways that I cling to because for me, technology can never replace them.  Here’s my short list;

1.  Pen to paper- I’m a big fan of emptying my brain onto a piece of paper.  This brain dump clears my head and makes room for new ideas and to-do’s.  I routinely make lists every evening before bed, and edit once again in the morning.  I typically add, delete, and cross off throughout the day.  This clearly can be done on my iPhone, but this process is way more satisfying to me.

2.  Making a phone call-  Our new normal is opting to text more than talk, but there’s nothing like a voice on the other end of the phone.  No misread inflections, just real conversation. Texting serves a purpose, but too often, it obliterates verbal socialization. The paradox is that the technology keeps us more connected and readily available, and yet we become more detached.

3.  Face Time- I don’t mean FaceTime or Skype. I mean face-to-face interaction. Connect in person, not just on social media platforms. Meet a friend for lunch. Sounds a bit cliche and ‘old school’ but as I recall, “reach out and touch somebody’s hand” was way more than just a great Diana Ross hit.

4.  Physical Photo albums- I might be aging myself, but I love my hard copy photo albums.  I love turning a page and touching a photo.  Scrolling through iCloud of photos or moments on timelines does not provide me with the same experience.

I might be ‘old school’, my friend, but I’m not that old. Well, let’s just say, I’m getting old-er. Anyone with me?