Are You a Victim of Job Spill? An Unstoppable Social Phenomenom That Can Ruin A Vacation

Are you one of those?  You know, the ones that can never disconnect from their cell phones, blackberries, laptops, or iPad?  The operative word is NEVER.  The job spill dilemna is that if your’e always connected when you’re on vacation and relaxing on a beach somewhere, you can never disengage.  Isn’t the point of a vacation to be on a healthy self-imposed disconnect?  Try to read a great novel and resist the temptation to hook up with your work-related life.  Don’t be a victim just because the hot spots are there, and then you’ll feel compelled to connect.  It’s difficult to ignore the lure of the Internet, but it will still be there when you get home and so will Face Book, Twitter, your Inbox, etc.  How we manage our time correlates to how we balance our lives.  This is the ultimate exercise in time-management. Focus on reduces the brain clutter, re-direct the barrage of thoughts spiraling through your brain. Allow yourself to slow down, drift off, and feel the calm.

It’s hard to remember when weren’t connected, but I can remember a time when leaving the office really meant leaving the work behind.  Ahhh….vacation.   Take it and run.  Let go. Relax. Escape.  Disconnect.