Are You Geared Up For March Madness?

Nope, the month of March is not only a time to get caught up in college basketball mania,  it’s also a time to consider if you’ve, personally, “got  game.”  We’re about to transition into Spring; a natural motivator for change. Yet another opportunity to check in with yourself and perhaps, re-align.

Admittedly of all the months in the calendar year, March is clearly the most vague month, no pun intended.  It is technically still part of Winter and yet three quarters into it, the first day of Spring launches.  The worst is behind us and although there might still be a chill in the air (or even a chance of snow), the sun is brighter now and we can sense that warmer days are just around the corner.

This positive mental attitude provides us with the tools to combat the doldrums of what remains of the long cold winter.  Sure, we are all going to have bad days now and then, but we know they are short-lived because the change of season is closer than further.

So let’s get busy and changing our mindset before the Spring weather is upon us.  Set goals NOW and visualize the end result. Have a plan to ensure that they are attainable.  Think about what you want to accomplish this Spring that you did not follow through with last year. What tripped you up?

If you have fallen off the wagon in regard to exercise, then get back to the gym today! Or maybe try something new and trendy?  With the popularity of Pilates, Soul Cycle, and TRX suspension training, getting fit doesn’t have to mean a boring run on a treadmill.  On that first gorgeous Spring day you’ll feel great about your mind, body, and soul, instead of regretful and disappointed.

Organize your to do list  NOW and evaluate it by prioritizing and creating a plan on how to attack one goal at a time. By giving yourself ample time to mentally prepare, you are giving yourself a fighting chance to accomplish at least some of your goals.  Put thought to paper, so you have a concrete plan. This is an excellent motivator for making you more accountable for actually doing it.  Too often, we procrastinate until we are overwhelmed with too much to do, and so nothing gets done at all.

Don’t wait for Spring to pop up and catch you by surprise, then realize that it came and went and you never cleaned out the garage.

Trust me,  before long it will be Summer and you know you won’t be able to resist the pull of the beach. You’ll be thinking…there’s always tomorrow !

Get a jump start on your Spring goals.  Make March your month to literally Spring forward with intention.  If you can make a connection with the change that’s in the air, it is likely to inspire a change in YOU.

So get motivated, and at least, try to change something. Take a shot. Catch the“March Madness” and find ways to achieve your own “slam dunk” moments.  Make it your own kind of frenzy. Game on!