Attention All Moms: Give Yourself a Hug!

Don’t beat yourself for not being Martha Stewart.  So what if your condiments and spices aren’t alphabetized and arranged in size order. Big deal if you don’t excel in cooking, baking, crafting, planting, and redecorating?

If a hectic day encumbers you from cooking a hearty family dinner, order in the pizza (but without the guilt!) The kids will be just as happy, if not happier. It doesn’t make you a bad Mom if you’re not greeting the kids after school, adorned with a Betty Crocker apron, and a batch of freshly baked cookies.

But the one thing that these revered women have mastered and you might want to emulate is, being more organized.   Motherhood demands it, and not just in the kitchen.

Being a Mom is both the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have.  The schedule of a busy Mom can be grueling.  It’s so hard to balance motherhood with the daily stresses, being attentive to every one’s needs and keeping the house organized too.

Initially, you probably have all good intentions to be the quintessential Mom but your chaotic schedule, all too often, gets in the way and wears you down.  A busy household has a myriad of activities going on simultaneously, and it’s understandable when things spin out of control. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the kids are; a busy house is still a busy house.  The chaos can create messy piles ranging from diapers and toys, to video games and sneaker piles.

Being able to find what you need when you need to, is the essence of being organized.  Use it as a vital tool to manage your busy household.  Warning: Don’t go for perfect, it’s far too an ideal to strive for and don’t beat yourself up for never getting there.  Be who you are, don’t change you.  Just modify those habits that are tripping you up and causing you anxiety. Sometimes it’s about changing the little things that reduce a lot of the stress.

Here’s a tip: Before bed, think about what the next day looks like and jot down the logistics and time frames of the day’s schedule.  Evaluate where you have to be and when.  Is it your turn to carpool? Do you need to pack snacks to go because you will be on the run all day? Make a list of phone calls that you will need to make and prepare a doable to do list. Organize your day before you begin the day.

Try changing one routinely task that takes up more time than you’d like, and implement a way to do it faster.  Cut out a step.  It might be making the kid’s lunch, preparing the school knapsack, or planning their outfit the night before.  Eliminate the morning battles.

Think more efficient with less effort.  Streamlining the daily process will save you time and give you more time to breathe.  And while you’re at it, give yourself a well-deserved hug! Happy Mother’s Day to all 🙂