Back To School Mania

Chances are if you are a student, or a parent of one, this is the time that you are probably making multiple runs to Staples; Bed, Bath and Beyond;  Target; and the like.  Although the summer is not over, it’s time to think about  organizing for back to school and college prep.

I, for one, am no longer either, but I am still a lover of office supplies, sharpened new pencils, and creating new file folders. I happened to be in Staples this week scoping out the latest and greatest new products, and noticed a line way too long, with unhappy children and overwhelmed mothers bewildered with the mandatory school supply list.  By the way, I was impressed that the generic marble notebook has morphed into great new design covers.

At Bed, Bath, and Beyond, it was a similar vibe only it was Mothers with their college age children, and I felt both the friction and the frenzy.  Been there, done that.

The good thing is that everybody seems to be organizing!  No need to stress, this doesn’t mean the summer is over, it’s just the little voice in your head that is alerting you that a new season is upon us.  Still time to play in the sun, just be ready to get your mojo on to start addressing those neglected projects!  Stay tuned for some organizing tips for getting back into a productive rhythm for September.

But as for now, staying in the moment… the crowds are mounting and it is becoming abundantly clear that I’d better get to Staples tomorrow to pick up more computer paper and printer ink cartridges before the crazies fill the store!

As for the towels I need at Bed and Bath, they can wait.