How Long Can You Keep Summer In Your Head?

The funny thing about summer is that while you are entrenched in it, enduring the record breaking temperatures and unbearable humidity, you feel like it will go on forever. I am always struck with the irony of people complaining about the summer heat after enduring such an intolerable winter.  For the most part, the majority of us delight in the splendor of summertime.  Even after a long day of work, just a walk outside to a summer’s night can turn that stressful day into a calming night.

Summer is fun. It’s happy.  It can make an ordinary day better just by admiring an azure blue sky and the sparkle of sunshine. We can also accomplish so much more with the longer days.  I know that I am compelled to run more errands than I would ordinarily want to do on a cold winter’s day.  I just don’t mind spending more time driving, walking or doing anything late in the day because it’s still bright outside.

I’m simply a summer gal, I wish it could be summer everyday. I try to embrace the warm weather and make everyday count.

Time-management is especially paramount during the summer.  We wait 9 months for it, best not to waste it.

Remember when you were a kid on the first day back at school, and the teacher asked you to write about what you did that summer? Have you put your own unique stamp onto your summer?  It is flying by, so be sure to soak it all up and finish up with a bang.  No regrets.  With only a few weeks left, it’s not too late to bask in the splendor of summer. We can only hold on to that warm and sun-kissed feeling for so long, until the cooler nights and shorter days invade. Soon we will forget what today feels like. Put your special stamp on it and seal it with a kiss.

I don’t want to say goodbye for the summer.  Do you?