How Tee Shirt Clutter Can Be Gifted Into Sustainable Memories

patchwork quiltI’ve been waiting very patiently for this day.  Over the past 20 years, my daughter has saved just about every tee shirt she ever wore, from sleep away camp through college graduation.  Although she no longer lives home, so many of these cotton memories still do.  They are indeed vintage by now, and when prompted to toss (countless times), she always refuses to let them go.

So when my daughter got engaged,  I started planning for her Bridal Shower early (Hey, as a Professional Organizer, it’s always about the preparation). I realized that my opportunity had arrived to give her the most unique and memorable gift.  And so began my hunt for all of those neglected tees shirts.  Most of them were in labelled boxes (no shocker here) and the rest I had to ask her fiancé to confiscate from her closet on the sneak.  The reality of her ever actually wearing them were slim, so it was a perfect way to savor the memories all in one place.

I vetted a bunch of different quilting companies and decided to go with Campus Quilt Co. They were super professional and very detailed.  I began laying out the tee shirts on the floor and sent copious notes and instructions to use fronts and backs of certain tees, and mindful not to place same colors next to same colors. Some of her tee shirts were intentionally ripped at the neckline to convert a crew to v-neck. The quilters careful repaired each one with precision and perfection, as to not compromise the text of each tee.

They promised me the product would exceed my expectations and they were right.  The quilt arrived and it was more fabulous than I had imagined! The quality was stellar and my daughter’s mushy tee shirts are now revered in the most beautiful way.  Each stitch and patchwork of tees will now be embedded both in this blanket and in her heart forever.

I presented it to her at the bridal shower and it was heartfelt by all. No longer tee shirt clutter, but now a sustainable treasure that embodies her cherished memories, and can be shared with her own children one day.

Thank you Campus Quilt Company…forever.

jamie and me w: quiltjpg