Mood Changers and Productivity Triggers

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.  Fall is here, and whether or not you make a connection with the weather, we all can admit that we feel a change. Inclement weather, in particular,  is a powerful mood shifter and a forecaster of our productivity.  A formidable forecast can impact our day and often dictate our mood.

It is challenging to have that “get up and rock the world” attitude when it’s monsooning outside. A mood deflator, for sure.  Likewise, we are more easily rejuvenated with the energy that a bright sunny day can emit. This can be a mood inflator and hence, a productivity motivator as well.

If your productivity is influenced by the weather, Here are some tips to combat these obstacles;

  • Dress:  My Mom always told me to dress contrary to gloomy weather. When the forecast is dismal and dreary, I dress happy.  And it works.  When I dress in bright colors, I exude a more positive aura and interestingly, people always react perplexed and comment, “my, you look so bright and cheery today!”  It’s noticeable.  Another mood changer.


  • Attitude:  I know that I personally struggle with this one, but it’s just weather, not a life altering event.  Grab an umbrella, dress appropriately, and stick with your plan. Unless it’s a massive snowstorm, hurricane, or obvious dangerous conditions, avoid getting caught up in the weather and letting it alter your work day or daily agenda.  We cannot control the weather but we can control our attitude.  Fight the urge to cancel your appointments. Be a bit more daring and you’ll be surprised that your positive mental attitude will surge your productivity, despite the cheerless landscape.


  • Focus: The weather can easily distract us from our what we had planned, but if you can focus on what the goals are, the weather should not deter you from meeting them.  Stay on course.


  • Adjust: Factor the weather into scheduling your day and modify your time-management.  Prepare and plan your appointments accordingly. Everything takes longer in bad weather.


  • Prioritize: It’s easy to procrastinate if the weather is inclement, but clearly if something is important enough, it will happen. Don’t make excuses.

The weatherman tracks the weekly weather every night, with questionable accuracy all too often. But do his predictions impact your week? I wonder. What’s on  your personal forecast?