Moving…Ready or Not?

Day 26: (June 21) Countdown.  With two weeks to go, I’m thinking I’m in good shape. After this past weekend,  the kid’s rooms are all packed up, boxed, labeled, ready to go.  The hallways are all lined with boxes, and each bedroom has towers of boxes labeled and organized for their respective rooms.  But as I enter each room, and evaluate closer, I see there are still so many incidental things that need to exit with me.  The silly things like garbage pails, soap dishes, guest towels, tissue boxes, floor mats, candles, alarm clocks, extension cords,  etc.. multiplied by five bathrooms are  starting to mount into more time than I thought. 

Celebrated Father’s day yesterday with family and friends,  and probably had the final barbecue in this house.  Now all the cooking tools, platters, hostess trays, plastic outdoor dishes and glasses, can be packed up.

Still need to address the fridge and freezer items, kitchen pantry, cleaning supply closet, linen closets, and condense all products.  Still more STUFF.  There is much still to do….now thinking I need every bit of the time remaining.