Reflections of the Move

After all is said and done, I’m now on the other side of the move, and feeling pretty settled.  To be quite honest, I am shockingly happy.  It is astounding to me that after, what seems to be a lifetime in one home, can so easily be erased.  Surrounded by all my stuff, despite a new background, still feels like my home.  The stuff that mattered I took with me, the treasured memories of my home, I carry in my heart forever.  I realize now that the house is just a shell , and although my footprints were ever present while I lived there, when we moved….. so did our souls.  Now in my new home, everywhere I look, it’s familiar, and in some cases, it’s even more cozy.  I am loving seeing and appreciating my old treasures in new places.  It kind of feels like decorating for the first time, yet I’m just re-circulating the favorites all around the new space.  The creative juices are flowing and inspiring me to look at things I’ve had for over 30 years with a keener objective eye.  What a great opportunity to re-organize the things I’ve neglected, chosen to ignore, nor had the time to sort through the years.  Change can be scary, but sometimes it is good.