Season of Flux

826339201_optThe holiday hustle bustle is finally over.  Ahhh, we can breathe again and just bask in the holiday glow. We’re enjoying the gifts of the holiday while we are hopefully decompressing from all the stress.

But with the New Year just around the corner, we still can feel an underlying energy.  We anticipate a change and can sense ourselves propelling forward to somewhere.  And so we find ourselves in a state of flux.

The juncture between Christmas and New Years is always an interesting transition.  One festive celebration seems to spill into the next.  It’s often hard to catch our breath.  But if we stop and consider this “space” of time as an opportunity to initiate the cogs to turn, we can begin to percolate some new goals.  In this way,  we won’t ring in the New Year without a plan.

But how many of us are really going to make this happen?

Undoubtedly,  this is an opportune time to take a respite and relax. Schools’ are on vacation break and daily routines are interrupted.  So it’s understandable why so many of us don’t want to address next year’s goals just right now.  It’s easier to rest on our laurels, right? I get it.

In fact, I find myself vacillating between enjoying my “staycation” break, and biting the bullet to set my 2014 action plans, both professionally and personally.  Without question, I believe that clarifying my goals will make me accountable.  But I’m also an advocate of thinking before planning, and planning before doing.  Perhaps even guilty of over-thinking.

For me, this state of flux is a perfect time to sort it all out and evaluate introspectively.  Can I identify my wants and needs and integrate the two?  Am I happy with the status quo?  In what ways can I improve?  Asking the right questions is an effective part of my process.

No need to fix what’s not broken, or re-invent the wheel.  We don’t need to be a new person in the New Year, just a better one. We all can improve something. Ushering in a New Year can organically instigate change in all of us.  Some good food for thought, for sure.  And trust me, I’m thinking.  After all, I’m still in a state of flux.

Before YOU welcome in the New Year, I wonder whether or not you’re thinking about making any changes.  Have you asked yourself any questions?  Are you in flux too?  Come join the party and Happy New Year!