Staying on Task with the Move


 Day 15: (May 14) Emptied the balance of items in the game and craft closet and the linen closet to sort and weed.  Had accumulated so many extra blankets to accommodate sleepover company, but today just saved a homemade crocheted patchwork quilt that my Mom made, and a favorite, cozy duvet from my Mother-in law. Put aside one random blanket just in case we need it at the other end of the move.

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, at least on this level.  I’m thinking that the hardest emotional purge is now behind me, and now I am tossing the clutter at a much faster rate. 

I am noticing the rooms are looking bare and although this is clearly the goal, I can’t help but feel a little “empty'” and hollow inside.  This was once a room filled with so much laughter and commotion.The kid’s had countless, mass sleepovers for so many friends throughout the years, and now the quiet was almost deafening.

Arranged for a pick-up dates for my unwanted items, called Clothing Drive to support Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Trying to spread the donations around to a variety of charities.  Bagged and labeled with their respective pick up dates.

The sorting and purging are completed on this level, next comes the actual boxing. Will need to organize that process with consideration for the unpack; what boxes will probably be stored in the garage temporarily, and what boxes will need to be accessible and unpacked for use.