The Shoemaker and Me

There’s a saying  that “The shoemaker’s son hasn’t any shoes,” and now I understand why. He reaps enormous pride from his work because it is his life’s passion.  But the Shoemaker is so very immersed in his craftsmanship he does not have ample time to make shoes for his very own son.

Lately, the Shoemaker and I have more in common that I would like to admit.

Don’t get me wrong, my home is organized and everything has a place, but not to the pristine level that I systematize for my client.  Together we micro-manage every detail and complete projects with the latest and greatest organizing products.  If there are budgetary concerns, I come up with a more economically acceptable plan, but equally efficient solutions.  I delight in the transformation of a space and even more, the transformation of a person.  Organization changes lives and I get to watch it happen.  I love devising innovative systems for each and every one of my clients and I leave inspired,  knowing that at the end of that day, I have made their life better.

Then I come home.  My trained eye is now looking at my own spaces with a much more critical eye.  I spend all day de-cluttering, and efficiently micro-organizing everybody else’s home.  My own home is not getting the daily attention it deserves.  More importantly, I am not as patient or lenient with my own family (who are the culprits) as I am with my clients; nor are they as consensual with my oh so helpful suggestions, lol.

As I have evolved as a Professional Organizer, my expectations of what “being organized” means, has changed.  The bar has been raised. I am way more cognizant of things not put away, and less tolerant of procrastination. The trials and tribulations of living with a Professional Organizer can be challenging, for sure.  Sometimes scary.

Technology advances and products continue to improve.  Professionally, I research, purchase, and get the opportunity to see them work in my client’s spaces.  I pass on all the new and exciting products I’ve discovered to better organize their things, yet I do not take the time to implement them into my own home. There are so many dated organizing systems and products that I still use that should be replaced with more updated ones.   Fortunately, because I am innately organized, I am still able to achieve the same model organization, re-purposing the old design with some creativity.  Functionality is not compromised, just operating with the basic essentials.

So next on my To Do list, I have high hopes to start with my home-office organization. There are so many new amazing options of high quality colorful folders, decorative desktop organizers, unique office supplies, and drawer organizers that I love and hope to buy soon.  I’ve said this many times before, but it just never seems to happen.  Maybe I should invest in all the bells and whistles including a newly color-coded filing system, as beautifully appointed as my last client.  Maybe.  Just maybe, if I find the time.

Yours truly, Time-management guru, has no time.  Just like the Shoemaker.  My own children are still urging me to help them organize and de-clutter their respective NYC apartments. They are still waiting.

Hmmm…makes me wonder…

Do you think painter’s have freshly painted walls in their own homes?

Do teachers have time to tutor their own children? 

Do accountants file their taxes late?

Do decorators have beautiful homes? 

Do you think dentist’s children have perfect teeth?  Well, I have to tell you that I have met some dentists with shockingly bad teeth and I found that to be surprising.

So I’m thinking that I’m not alone.  Maybe many “Captains of Industry” or tradesmen/technicians do not have time to service their own personal lives with their particular specialty. 

How has your profession impacted your personal life? What do you sacrifice? Do you ever feel like you’ve walked in the Shoemaker’s shoes?