Why Am I Still In My Robe? The Ugly Side of Time-management

For some of us that have the luxury of running our businesses from home, sticking to a set schedule can be challenging.  I’m not proud, but sometimes while working at home (on an open- scheduled day) with a sincere effort to catch-up with my inbox, and face glued to my computer screen, I look up (or really down) and realize that I’m still in my robe!  I haven’t showered, dressed or left the house, and it’s 2:00 in the afternoon! (sometimes it’s even later, but please don’t judge) I’m guessing that some of you out there, whether stay-at-home Moms, unemployed, or just regular people often have these same quandaries.  OK, so it’s a little embarrassing as a Professional Organizer, but it’s not every day .  So it begs the question, “how well are you managing your time”?  If you are in your robe or pj’s til after noon every day, I don’t care what your role is in life, NEWS FLASH……not OK.

Time for that Time-management chat.  If you are the person that gets so immersed in an activity that you lose all track of  time, then invest in an actual timer.  Hey, it works. Set parameters for the day’s activities and limit the time that you participate in them. Without a start and stop time in your day, there will be no end to the work you can potentially do.   Most of all, consider stop doing things that no longer give you returns. Time is incalculably valuable so evaluate how you use it, and manage it conscientiously.  Prioritize.  Attend to the most important tasks that cannot be postponed and then…hop in the shower, get dressed, and get the heck out of the house and get your day going!  At least promise yourself to lose the robe by dinner.  Goal- setting at its finest.