Do You Love The Space You’re In?

Take a look around.  Do you like what you see?  Do you feel good in the space?  Chances are, whether in your office, your bedroom, or any other room in your home, if you aren’t enjoying the space, if it’s not working for you,….. you won’t want to hang out in it.  It’s likely that it is fostering some bad energy.  If the once cozy den is now full of  assorted clutter, and an accumulated mess is crowding the couch,  how cozy can it really be?  If your bedroom closet is a disastrous mess, it is probably very stressful to get dressed amongst the chaos and find what you’re looking for in a hurry.  It’s not only costing you time, it could potentially lead to a fashion ensemble nightmare of epic proportions.  Ditto to the kitchen.   If your kitchen space is not working for you, you probably won’t ENJOY cooking in it, and I would venture to guess that there won’t be great sensational entrees coming out of there.   The home-office is no different.  If the work space is not efficient, you will not be as organized as you could be.  If there is a clog in the work flow system, it will impede on your productivity, for sure.

So make your spaces work for you, and design it so you can enjoy it with the optimum functionality.  Love the space you’re in.

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