Consumerism Is Urging Holiday Readiness But Are You Buying it?

Passover edit_optI’m all for early prep for any holiday. I advocate that it helps balance the busy and reduce the overwhelm. But have you noticed lately that holiday promotions are pushing the calendar earlier and earlier each year? Crazy.

The major holiday calendar is fixed, it’s our reaction to them that varies.  It is personal.  We may all manage our time and pace our schedules differently but we all know when they are encroaching. Reminders and sales are helpful, but does it really serve us to be notified months before?

Do we pay attention? Does it instigate a call to action?

Our new normal is bearing witness that Back to School promotions show up in early July, Halloween after Labor Day, and Thanksgiving and Christmas not far behind. Time fleets so quickly as it is, I fear this manic consumerism can be suffocating.

In theory, these eye-catching displays and enticing sales should encourage us to prepare and get our holidays organized early, right? In fact for some of us, this push may be the precise motivator we need,  yet others may find this off-putting.  Some might even argue that this simple ploy just lures us into impulse purchases we don’t need or haven’t yet budgeted for.  And worse, early shopping does not eliminate the continuous shopping throughout the holiday, imposing an increase in spending and anxiety.

As a result, this “friendly reminder” is likely to be not so friendly. Raising costs and overwhelm invites criticism for sure.

Personally, I don’t want to see Passover products in my face in February when the holiday falls out at the end of April this year.  I’ll not be purchasing it now so I shall pass it by for another whole month.

I’m simply not buying it.  Are you?  Call me crazy but I’m just not ready. The hurry up and wait ideology doesn’t work for me.  Let’s take a breath.  No need to rush the cycle of seasons.

Spring is still a month away. At this rate and upon its arrival,  I foresee a blast of Mother’s Day Specials way before the very first bloom.  Ugh.  Stop the madness please.



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