Who Rules Your Home? You? or Your Stuff?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in your home?  Most of us have obviously have more things living in our homes than people, but when does it become too much?

For starters, it could be when you’re continually tripping over your things; kid’s toys, shoes, neglected clothing, magazine piles, or unopened delivery boxes.  Or maybe it’s when you can no longer sit down on the comfy couch because of all the random stuff strewn all over it?

Now that’s an interesting rethink; if your stuff has a place but YOU don’t, ask yourself, who’s really the boss?”

How about the stuff that you no longer use and never got around to tossing or giving away? Many of us continue to accumulate new stuff without discarding the old. If this sounds like you, no need to be embarrassed, it’s more common than you think.

So many of us are still living with a historical trail of our outdated technology. Old printers, TV’s, computers, cameras and cell phones find their way more readily to basements, attics, and garages than they do out the door.  We invite new pieces of furniture, lamps, and bedding into our homes, but we have trouble letting go of the old things we don’t even like anymore.  We tend to hang onto things.  Just in case.

So it begs the question. is your home for living or for storing?  Make your home your sanctuary by surrounding yourself with the things you use and enjoy.  Above all, acknowledge the changes in your habits and  lifestyles through the years and make your home a reflection of who you are today.

If you’re feeling crowded in your own home, something’s gotta go, no? (hopefully, it’s a thing and not a person, lol)  Take control.  Step up and conquer the clutter.  Do not be overthrown, it’s time to reclaim your spaces.  It’s your home, after all.

Set limits on the incoming and create an outgoing. If you can donate your unwantables to charities, or recycle conscientiously, everyone benefits. The change will be noticeable and you will bring new meaning to “there’s no place like home.”  

Don’t let the stuff take over any longer.  Take charge today.  After all, YOU do rule the roost, don’t you?


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