My 2ooth Blog Post: Milestones That Puncuate

get-attachment_optIt’s hard to believe that after 4 years of catching thoughts on bedside note pads, endless hours of crafting posts and late night edits, have all somehow culminated into a prideful compilation of 200 published articles to date.  When I noticed this draft entry, it felt somewhat like a milestone.

No secret that I love writing, I always have.  It’s a great platform to share my personal insights, my life’s perspective, and my professional expertise all in one place. It started out as a daily diary of a move and then morphed into a weekly blog.  These blogs are very special and personal to me because they are written in my voice.  I am not a professional writer nor do I claim to be an accomplished author, but my blogs tell a story, nonetheless. Even more precious, they serve as an accurate timeline tracing my journey since I first launched my business.

The greatest part is that The Blog accurately reflects where I was at the time I was crafting its very content.  It was always about what mattered to me then and what inspired me.  Funny that I am so very critical of myself, because when I look back to the beginning, I often cringe at my style of writing. There are early posts that I could certainly edit differently now, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was who I was. Then.

Milestones punctuate our life’s journey.  The happy birthdays and celebratory anniversaries are annual reminders to check in with ourselves. In a way, a cause to pause.  Reflect.  If we self-actualize , it will almost always help us grow, or change who we are as a person in some significant way.

It’s nice to have checkpoints that nudge you to evaluate where you are, how you’ve changed, and prompt you to ask where you’re going.  I wonder if you have any.

I’ve changed in the past 4 years.  I would have hoped to.  Perhaps more seasoned (professionally); more self-actualized (as a person); ever-evolving, but still me. Older, wiser, and yes…better.

I want to thank you dear reader, for visiting, commenting, and your continued follow.  Know that my content comes from an authentic place, as I draw from my own personal and professional experiences.  It is with great pleasure that I will continue to share with you my organizing expertise, along with my heart.

I invite you to keep stopping by The Blog as I cross over this milestone and onto the next. 🙂



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