The Big Picture: Can You See the Forest?

forest_optWe all have our moments of not “seeing the forest for the trees.” How many times are we so immersed in what we’re doing that we may be missing what is right in front of us?

When we focus on the small details we may succeed in targeting a specific goal, but sometimes, there is a bigger picture to consider. Stepping away can change our perspective, but it is certainly not always an easy task to look at our situations with an objective eye.  These may be the probable causes;

1. We don’t know where to begin to look

2.  We’re in too deep in the forest

3.  We’re too involved in our day-to-day matters.

Yesterday I was hired to organize a client’s home-office. While the immediate goal was to sort the paper piles and create an efficient filing system, there was evidence of significant chaos beyond that space.  But interestingly, the client living with the daily mayhem, failed to notice it.  He could not see the forest from the trees. He was in too deep and too involved in his day-to-day needs.

As a Professional Organizer,  the stepping away piece is the most valuable objective support I provide for my client.  Together, while our plan is to continue to focus on the home-office,  he is now more mindful of the bigger picture as well.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed too.  After all, I am human.  When I’m overcome with busy and stress,  I become short-sighted and cannot see beyond that moment.  I tend to get lost in detail.  I can easily feel defeated with too many things to deal with and admittedly, cannot see the forest for the trees.

Here’s some personal tips that may help clarify the big picture for you;

Share:  When you share with a another person (family member, friend, or professional) you can get a completely different point of view. Just talking it out provides great value.  Others may see things that you cannot and will perhaps confirm one of my favorite idioms,  “don’t believe everything you think.”

Slow down:  Sometimes it could be about the actual pace that obstructs the big picture.  Often when we are in a hurry, we are rushing around so much, we fail to notice what’s going on around us. Stop and smell the roses, trees and forest included.

Simplify: You can’t see the whole situation clearly because you’re looking too closely at small details, or because you’re too closely involved. Break it down.  Keep it simple.

Life can get busy and can sometimes feel un-manageable. Maybe take a step back. What do you see?



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