Is Your Refridgerator Cluttered?

Does your fridge look like this? Do you need to take out at least 6 items to get to your favorite drink or snack?


And when it’s time to put the stuff back, it never fits quite the same, right?  It’s like a food jigsaw puzzle…lol


So if you are not an expert juggler, it’s time to organize that cluttered fridge and maximize its space.

This is my favorite new product.; Interdesign Fridge Binz. You can find them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  No more hunting for the pickles, deli meat, or yesterday’s left-overs!

Interdesign Fridge Binz Stackable Clear Plastic Bin

Interdesign Fridge Binz Stackable Clear Plastic Bins


These clear bins pictured above are a great way to manage a variety of different food groups, while keeping your refrigerator looking organized and appealing. They are available in different sizes;  single, double, beverage, and egg compatible.  This not only eliminates the stacking of incongruous shapes and spillage, it aids in the challenge of returning an item back to a designated space.  Even food should have a special home! All cheeses can be contained and spreads can be more easily found.  It’s ideal for corralling cut-up fruits, flavored yogurts, and kid’s snacks.

The best part is that the bins are portable and stackable; just slide them out with the handle and find what you need easily.  Everybody in the family will know where to look to find their favorite foods!  I even suggest to store “like with like” and use them how you eat; e.g. put pita bread, hummus spreads, olives, etc. all in the same appetizer bin.

The great benefit of these bins is that they are so easy to clean and prevent the fridge shelves from getting sticky and gummy.  You can also still opt to store your condiments on the fridge door, but often the jumbo sizes don’t fit.  In my house, I have such a huge assortment of mustard, there’s little room left for anything else. I need an exclusive bin just for mustard! 🙂

Most likely your refrigerator shelves are adjustable, so they might have to be altered to accommodate taller items.  Use the double bins to group larger categories. Store all veggies together, lettuce, with all other accompaniments of a salad . Makes it so convenient to chop a salad quickly and efficiently.

You might even consider labeling the containers for the family. Especially great idea for left-overs since you want them to be found, not lost.

Below is another version of the same product concept.  My client uses these to organize her daily dinner ingredients. I prefer the clear bins better because you can see what you have more readily, but you get the idea.

The days of trying to shove food back into the fridge haphazardly are gone!  When you’re starving…you want what you want, when you want it, and you certainly don’t want to start a scavenger hunt searching for it.

Eating just got more fun!  Bon appetit!





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