Organizing Old Books and Vinyl Records

Day 20: (June 2) After some research, I discovered that some bookstores will redeem books for cash , provided they are in the range from good to mint condition.  So it was time to weed and through my piles of books, purge,  and go to Huntington Book Revue(Huntington, L.I.) where I parted with some of my favorite classics.  I evaluated honestly that I would never re- read them, so I sold them!!  The balance of books that were not as desirable went to my local library.  The Syosset library will allow a maximum of two filled trash bags of books.  


Since my World Book Encyclopedia was archival, and no one would take it, I donated it to a Senior-Care facility.  

Re: my vinyl record albums…..Located The Long Island Vinyl Exchange (Northport, L.I.)  The appraiser evaluated my collection and gave me $50.00 for my old beaten up records (hey, money is money) He offered me a higher value of $160.00 to exchange for store credit. That’s the way the exchange works.  The store had amazing archival musical instruments, authentic souvenirs from Woodstock, record players, and millions of vinyl records, both old and newly recorded ones.  I chose the money. Got a great education on the value of vinyl records.  My same collection would have been worth hundreds more, had they been in better condition.  So sellers beware, if you have saved any old records and have preserved them, you could be eligible for some decent money.  Some of the editions of my albums were recorded and produced in the millions, so they were not rare enough to buy back.  Very knowledgeable guy.  Highly recommend the place.

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