Do Your Outsides Match Your Insides?

8412601296_optFor all intents and purposes, let’s just say that “judging a book by its cover” is an accurate measure. Does your appearance reflect who you really are?

  • Do you come across well put together at first glance, but inside your head, you’re actually a disorganized frazzled mess?
  • Do you act cool, calm, and collected, but are actually internalizing a great deal of stress?
  • Does the exterior of your home appear to be well manicured but inside, it looks more like a bomb hit it?
  • Does your shiny car look sleek and sharp on the road from a distance, but under closer inspection, its interior looks more like a “mobile” mess?

First impressions are powerful.  They matter.  People can quickly form an opinion and they often make assessments based purely on first glance. But be mindful that they can be very misleading.  The impeccably dressed and coiffed person may give the distinctive impression of being really organized.  This “dress to impress” style exudes a professionalism, a polished confidence, and yes…success.  This image commands positive attention. But let’s suppose, it’s all just a facade.

Maybe he or she really struggled to find cleaned, ironed, or appropriate clothing that morning, or possibly they just barely arrived on time for an appointment by the skin of their teeth (and no one noticed). In fact, this “seemingly” organized person could have raced out of the house, harried and stressed, leaving a trail of clutter behind and nobody would ever know.

The expectation is that your “look” should reflect your authentic personality, style, and attitude. The caveat to this is that you may dress one way outwardly, but are really a different person on the “inside,” thereby sending out mixed messages.

Perhaps you are not inherently organized at all, but just love the idea of being organized so you dress the part. Paying attention to how your “outside” appearances reflect your self-image can be very enlightening, particularly about how people react to them.  It can work in your favor.  It may even opens doors, that would otherwise be closed.

When your outsides don’t match your insides, it requires a sensible acceptance in order to balance the two.

Here’s the enigma: neat and tidy does not mean organized.  Two different things, indeed.  You can purchase beautiful and decorative containers and still be searching for things.  It has less to do with the packaging or appearance and more about poor organizing systems.

On the other hand, many high-powered executives can operate quite efficiently behind messy desks cluttered with unruly paper piles, because their systems work. The incongruity is that an untidy office does not mean you can’t be successful and driving fancy cars does not mean you’re wealthy.  This is the obvious paradox when insides and outsides are conflicting.

But because we live in a culture that appearances do matter, connecting your outsides with your insides can ultimately affect your productivity. Your physical demeanor can have a huge impact on your mental attitude. When you look good, you feel good. You attract like-minded people, and self-confidence soars. The law of attraction is based upon this positive “like” energy.

Consider this. Paying attention to detail on your physical appearances might inspire a change in other facets of your life. Don’t stop at the mere surface, see if you can make an internal change.  Dig deeper.  Align yourself inside.  When you feel more harmonized, you will be more synchronized.  Balanced.  Inside and out.  

Check the mirror.  Don’t just look organized. Aspire to be organized.  Walk the walk, for real.






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