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How Well Do You Accelerate Through Transitions?

roadAmericans woke up today to a new world. Some of us are elated with the presidential outcome, while others are dismayed, paralyzed with disappointment, and perhaps even afraid. We are in transition indeed, and must each find a commonplace for ourselves despite our contrasting values. We must find ways to unify our nation, not divide it.

While I don’t ever talk personal politics, I am deeply struck with its impact and metaphors. Unfortunately, this election was arguably the most malicious in history but it is finally over. Rather than hyperfocusing on the analytics ad nauseum,  we can only hope the hatred exits with its jaw dropping results.  For the defeated, this is a hard day. Easier said than done, to suggest to just pick up the broken pieces and embrace the change. This clearly cannot happen in a day.

Just like Daylight saving time (DST) punctuated the end of one season and yet it marked the beginning of another, we are at the pinnacle of a more significant change in America.

Transition suggests movement.  It is not a stagnant block of time. We must propel forward and navigate our “next.”

The brilliant ruby reds and blood orange leaves are beginning to fade and shed, yet another reminder that time and seasonal change transforms all things.  With the shorter days and early darkness, these noticeable changes affect our mindset.  But on this post election day, the fallout changes are far more dramatic than nature could possibly draw, both literally and figuratively.

This pivotal moment requires tweaking and shifting. The need to  calibrate our body clock is far easier to adapt to than embracing the new political landscape.  This will take time. The country is broken and needs to heal. Acceptance is critical.

As individuals now, we may feel powerless to fix a country.  But perhaps we can use this transition to wake-up our own personal productivity.  Make it an opportunity to not only re-stock, but take stock of ourselves, and our own goals.

Last week we turned back our clocks, but let us not fall back on our personal locomotion. It’s time to get our heads straight and move forward. Shed the hatred and turn over a new leaf.  Embrace the season with opportunities for positive change in your physical, mental, and emotional state.

Think about how you navigate the changes in the air.  What next steps are you taking for a smoother transition?

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Catch the Wind in Your Sail

3062986132_opt-1Timing is everything.  The rise and fall of your personal productivity depends on it. Everybody’s productivity barometer is calibrated differently. It’s a such personal measure, so it cannot be standardized. How we adjust precisely in this particular function can definitely increase our personal successes, but it in no way, defines it. It simply enables us to synchronize our opportunities with our actions.

I’m a summer gal, so I feel that I’m my best SELF in a season I’m the happiest.  Certainly every day is not perfect, nor can I claim that I’m always super-productive!  I’m human, after all.  But I am very cognizant that my energy levels boost higher and more often, than on a cold wintry day.  This is a time that I catch the wind in my sails, and so I capitalize on these opportunities. With blue skies above and the sun shining brightly overhead, I am more apt to get up and be ready to work hard and play hard. For me, outside work reigns supreme, and indoor projects are reserved for rainy days.

Productivity may easily be triggered by the natural seasonal changes, but it can also fluctuate from day to day.

The key is to know thyself.  If you further edit it down, you may find that there are specific days of the week or hours of a day, that you notice an energy surge.  Are Mondays tough for you to get back into a groove? Are early mornings more productive than late afternoons? There’s no right or wrong answer, we all operate on our own unique efficiency levels.

So if you’re feeling blue, don’t beat yourself for not getting things done.  There will be brighter days ahead. Wait for them, and catch the wind in your sails.  Find your rhythm.  Inspiration can feed productivity so figure out what inspires you and seize the moment!

Do you have a particular season, day of the week, or a time of  the day that makes your productivity soar?

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