Got PTHD? How to Remedy Post Traumatic Holiday Disorder

There is a noteworthy measure of some good, bad, and ugly at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.  The good is that the chaos of the holidays are finally over. The bad is that the holidays are finally over, and you have to wait an entire year til next Xmas season. The ugly is the mess you are left to clean up.

For starters, the Christmas tree has to come down, the lights put away, the ornaments need to be boxed up, the wrapping paper and accompaniments need to be organized.  And I’m sure there are still random presents that need to be returned or exchanged.

Where did all the joy go?  Did yours peak at Christmas and take a huge nose dive after the New Year?

It is understandable and likely that many of us suffer from what I call, Post Traumatic Holiday Disorder.  We can all admit to feeling somewhat of a void after such a concentrated month of jubilation.  But perhaps, we should look at it in another way.  Take this time to pause and reflect.  Be grateful that you had a holiday and were able to celebrate it. The parties may be over but the memories live on forever, and hopefully you took the pics to commemorate them.  Even all good things must come to an end.

Give yourself a little break to catch your breath, re-organize and reboot…and then back to business as usual.

Do your best not to wallow in the sorrow of the end of a year and concentrate on the beginning of a new one.  Start fresh.

Look forward to the possibilities of new opportunities that lie ahead in the coming new year.

Focus on that.  Find a hopeful spirit.  It can be rejuvenating and motivating.  It can engulf you.  Let it.  It just might be the fix you’ll need to fight the blues until that first bloom of Spring.

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