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My 2ooth Blog Post: Milestones That Puncuate

get-attachment_optIt’s hard to believe that after 4 years of catching thoughts on bedside note pads, endless hours of crafting posts and late night edits, have all somehow culminated into a prideful compilation of 200 published articles to date.  When I noticed this draft entry, it felt somewhat like a milestone.

No secret that I love writing, I always have.  It’s a great platform to share my personal insights, my life’s perspective, and my professional expertise all in one place. It started out as a daily diary of a move and then morphed into a weekly blog.  These blogs are very special and personal to me because they are written in my voice.  I am not a professional writer nor do I claim to be an accomplished author, but my blogs tell a story, nonetheless. Even more precious, they serve as an accurate timeline tracing my journey since I first launched my business.

The greatest part is that The Blog accurately reflects where I was at the time I was crafting its very content.  It was always about what mattered to me then and what inspired me.  Funny that I am so very critical of myself, because when I look back to the beginning, I often cringe at my style of writing. There are early posts that I could certainly edit differently now, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was who I was. Then.

Milestones punctuate our life’s journey.  The happy birthdays and celebratory anniversaries are annual reminders to check in with ourselves. In a way, a cause to pause.  Reflect.  If we self-actualize , it will almost always help us grow, or change who we are as a person in some significant way.

It’s nice to have checkpoints that nudge you to evaluate where you are, how you’ve changed, and prompt you to ask where you’re going.  I wonder if you have any.

I’ve changed in the past 4 years.  I would have hoped to.  Perhaps more seasoned (professionally); more self-actualized (as a person); ever-evolving, but still me. Older, wiser, and yes…better.

I want to thank you dear reader, for visiting, commenting, and your continued follow.  Know that my content comes from an authentic place, as I draw from my own personal and professional experiences.  It is with great pleasure that I will continue to share with you my organizing expertise, along with my heart.

I invite you to keep stopping by The Blog as I cross over this milestone and onto the next. 🙂



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Reflections, Wake-up Calls, and Change… sans Mirrors

You do not need to look in a mirror to realize your successes or failures, nor to measure your range of happiness.  If you are self-aware, you know the truth. But there are certain times of the year that inspire you to pause, look inward a little more deeply. How do you really see yourself?

When do you soul search and what makes you change?

There are all different kinds of triggers that awaken us into self-evaluation.  Sometimes it’s brought on by a happy life-cycle event like a birthday or anniversary.  Reflection is also inspired by commemorating a sad time with an anniversary of a death or a tragedy, like 911.  But typically for most, it’s the finality of the year’s end that generally punctuates personal reflection with the coveted new year’s resolution.

These are all annual reminders and wake-up calls.

But seasonal changescan invite self-analysis as well.  Personally, I am a very introspective person and the change in seasons always affects both my mind and my soul.  It’s not simply a physical change.  As the weather changes,  my thoughts are infused with change.  I’m so very cognizant about the changes around me.  I pay attention.  The physical change stimulates my mind and alerts me to assess the past in a very natural way.  It’s an automatic comparison to connect the then with the now.

As Fall encroaches, I actually feel different.  I switch clothing, I switch gears.  I’m already thinking about the days differently. The summer beach towels are stored away and my days are organized with a new mindset.  Another year or another season, it makes no difference.  For me, it doesn’t take much to give pause and reflect.  I’m a thinker, bordering on “over”-thinking.  But I’m working on it, or at least “thinking” about it, lol.

Reflection is cathartic. We all should make time to engage in the process.  It can breed change but it doesn’t necessarily have to.  When you reflect, you are self-evaluating and that can be very validating.  If all is good, no need to make changes.  Enjoy the positivity of the reflection.

As the Jewish New Year and the High Holy Days approaches, it is the ultimate time for personal reflection.  We look inward and recognize our shortcomings and atone for our transgressions. We reflect with gratitude.  Grateful for the past healthy year and my loving family, I pray that the coming year is a repeat.

What does it take for you to ignite reflection? What wakes YOU up?

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