The Secret to the Perfectly Organized Pack That You Will Never Forget!

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed prior to any pack, whether business or pleasure? Do you usually wonder if you’ve  forgotten something?  Of course, having an actual checklist would be the ideal solution but most people don’t take the time to create one, and it can be easily misplaced. So why not use something you can never lose?   Your own body. Think about your anatomy as the guide to your organization.  The simplest way to pack is literally organize from HEAD TO TOE.  Break down your body into zones.  Start with your head and think about all the things you would need that encompasses your head, and make associations that relate to that particular part of your body. The head, at large, would remind you about the necessary requirements for a happy head.  Next  move down to the eyes to the tips of your toes.   You get the idea.  Here’s my HTT method;

Head:  Headache remedies, shampoo and conditioner,  hair brushes, combs,  hair accessories; any head covering (shower cap, baseball cap, sun hat, skull cap, etc.)

Eyes: Eye drops, contact lenses, reading glasses, sunglasses, eye-mask for sleep

Nose:  Nasal spray, tissues, cold medications, nose hair clippers.

Ears: Earrings, ear drops, head sets, ear buds, ALL technology (camera, Ipad, Kindle, and all chargers)

Mouth: Lip balm or lipstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash or any oral hygeine, vitamins and oral medications, gum, candy or favorite snack

Neck:  Scarf, necklace, tie, perfume or cologne

Face/Body: Face wash, moisturizer, body creams, deodorant, suntan lotion, razor,(makeup for ladies)  ALL personal hygiene

Shoulders:  Handbag (for ladies),  carry-on, shawl, jackets and coats

Wrists/hand:  Watches, bracelets, rings, gloves

Torso/legs:  All clothing, (depending on weather, shorts, bathing suits) underwear, sleepwear

Feet:  Socks, stockings, shoes, sneakers, sandals

Waist:  Belt

Personalize this body checklist according to your own individual needs, or medical concerns.

When you reach your destination, there is a possibility that you might have forgotten something, but one thing for sure, guaranteed, you won’t be naked! As long as you don’t forget to bring the $$$, license,  (possibly your passport), you’re all good to go.

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