Nancy moved my senior mom to an assisted living facility seamlessly.  This was such an emotional and stressful ordeal but she made it look easy. She sorted everything for us and helped facilitate in making difficult decisions.  Nancy had the key resources to sell or donate whatever we couldn’t take. Her high energy was contagious and patience was unbelievable. We could not have done this without her!

-Rachel Stillman

Nancy was invaluable in helping me to plan and prepare for my cross-country move. Her organizational skills are superb – and she has the physical strength also to dig in and really get a lot done! We got a huge amount accomplished in a small amount of time in terms of organizing and packing up the house, and her orderly thought-process saved me an immense amount of work and worry. Having her guidance and support was a Godsend – I really don’t know how I would have managed this move without her expertise and many insights, both strategic and emotional. She is tireless, determined, and endlessly resourceful, full of experienced advice and many useful contacts. In short, she is a lifesaver!

-Professor Josh Gidding

A pile here, a pile there, always a pile somewhere! I hate to file, so I avoid it like the plague! Yet, I need to keep certain papers even though I would love to throw it all out. Paperwork, receipts, bills, client notes, information about groups to donate to; all in organized piles in the appropriate rooms in my house. But at some point, I need to file because the truth is, I like the house to be neat and tidy, I know that there is a pile of notes hiding behind the doors of my closet calling me to put them in the correct folders.

After I read an inspiring article about professional organizers from LA, I contacted them and they referred me to Nancy and another woman.

How did I choose Nancy? Her website was inviting so I emailed her. We spoke about what she does and what I needed and set up our first appointment. She explained that it would take more than one time and that she would assess what I needed when she was at the house for our first meeting.

Nancy is delightful, personable and ready to work as soon as she arrives. She created a filing system in the kitchen and in my office, personal files are in the kitchen and the professional files and supplies are in the office. She organized notebooks, files, painting supplies, knitting notions and wool and wrapping paper. She had me purchase inexpensive plastic shelving to add space to the shelving that already existed. I am now able to open the door to my closet and see where everything is and what is in it.

We organized, donated and recycled a lot of paper together, but mostly we had a good time. We spoke about life and family while I engaged with things that I would rather not do.

I truly enjoyed our time together. Nancy is a wonderful woman who really knows how to organize all those things that you would like to avoid, she can help you change and create simplicity in your life.

-Eileen Marder-Mirman
Spiritual Healer, Psychotherapist, Teacher

 “I can’t thank Nancy Borg and POLI enough for the amazing job they did organizing us at Birthday Wishes! What an inspiring team of professionals, working together, full of ideas and inspiration. We were busting at the seams and they left us with lots of new empty space, a system to stay this way and many new and exciting ideas. They were such a pleasure to work with and we are so appreciative.”  

With admiration,
Jamie Rapfogel Director of Birthday Wishes of Long Island

“Working long hours, days, nights, leaves no time to straighten anything up.  Two children grown and gone but their remains linger on.  The dislike for “coming home” was getting stronger!  Desperate times required desperate measures.  In November 2013, the holidays were approaching and I was hosting Christmas. How much more overwhelming could it get?!   I googled organizers, searched out NAPO and obtained a list of local Organizers.  I placed calls to several; Nancy Borg was the first to answer!  We spoke on the phone, she listened intently, was very engaging and informative.  We met in person and Nancy asked questions which were relevant to my living, my needs and my style of thinking.  Nancy’s approach was systematic and she tailored organizational techniques and systems that have been sustainable and have made my life easy, NO CLUTTER!!!! Nancy Borg is caring as she understands how difficult change is, understanding of the emotion it takes to let go, motivational as she knows when to push and get results, and logical with her instructions. You’re left with no excuses so you can ‘let go.’  Everything makes so much sense now, what a journey!  I like coming home, it is becoming my sanctuary!  Everything has a place, my car is in the garage and more importantly I feel rejuvenated and grateful for everyday.  Thank you Nancy!!!!”

-Evelyn M.

“I came into work this morning and I almost cried. I have worked at Women’s Fund of Long Island for almost 6 year and ALWAYS love walking in to work here. But, I never loved walking in because the office was a pretty place to work. Yesterday we had organizers in and they tackled the rest of my office, the kitchen, the attic, and a tough office upstairs shared by two people. They left no stone uncleaned! The air and the energy here is different. It is inspiring. They worked tirelessly and as a non-profit, we gave them the added challenge of not being able to spend ANY money on organizing products; they had to repurpose items.” 

“I maintain my office every hour or two. I have 30 projects or more going on at any given time…I’m human and sometimes my desk sometimes shows it. But, since the organization effort, I stop what I am doing and clear the clutter so that only what I am working on and the next project I will be working on remain on my desk. It is freeing. I have also found that this consistent maintenance not only keeps my office clean and neat but requires very little effort, as opposed to stopping for a full day and cleaning everything from top to bottom. Because that full day rarely comes.”

-Erica Hecht, Director of Operations @ Women’s Fund of Long Island

“Nancy has been extremely valuable help in creating an organized, sustainable filing system for my home office.  Every day, I reap the benefits of the time and work we put into the project. I love knowing that there is a place for every important piece of paper and that I can locate the documents I need on a moment’s notice.”  

 “Besides intrepidly tackling  the “uni-pile” on my desk, and my other paperwork logjams, she has taught me many important organizing and planning skills. The sincerity and conviction she puts into her work is truly inspiring.”

 “Nancy has been an immeasurable help to me and I look forward to working together with her on other projects!”


“It has been several months now since Nancy has helped organize my departure from New York.

The move was over whelming for me alone, but her efficient and caring help truly helped to move the mess. I would probably still be packing and procrastinating about what to do with my “stuff” from all corners of the house.

The fact that she did more than organize is very appreciated-you got right into the physical aspect of packing (properly), lugging stuff and calling the right organizations to carry away unwanted furniture and more.

I am so thankful and know that my new life here in sunny Florida began with much of the pressure lifted by her help.”

– Ron Feldman, Founder CEO, Author Gemini eBook Publishers,

“The time had come to sell the home I lived in, and raised my children for over 26 years. So many memories and so much “stuff”.  I had been suffering from heart issues and could no longer maintain my home.  It was time to move on.  But after recovering from 9 hours of heart surgery, how was I going to handle this? Somewhere in my pursuit to find the best realtor, Nancy at Move the Mess was recommended to help organize the process. So after much thought and apprehension, I called Nancy. She was a delight to talk to and came to my home to look around. I think even Nancy was overwhelmed! I had collected so much stuff you couldn’t even see what the rooms once look liked, and my closets? I just sat in front of them and cried. “I can’t do this”.

When Nancy came over, she totally directed me…she did not allow me to sit in front of my closet and cry.  We went through the 48 jackets I had, 1/2 of which, did not fit. We made piles; keep, sell and toss. Soon I began following Nancy’s lead and the closets were methodically sorted and organized.  Nancy suggested we schedule an Estate Sale which would generate additional money. The challenge was to get rid of the excess stuff, prepare the house for sale, and to set up for the Estate Sale, all at the same time! I was overwhelmed with all this stuff, but Nancy and I were on a mission.  We were determined to get it all done simultaneously.  She held my hand during the entire process, whenever needed, and remarkably got my house staged and ready to go on the market, while organizing an entire garage of stuff for an Estate Sale.

I asked, what should I do with my car?  (Sounds like a dumb question, but I could not figure out where it would go in the garage) Nancy said very calmly, “you have to leave your car in the driveway”, and organize the garage like a boutique.  I never even thought of that. She clearly was a professional and her expertise relieved my anxiety.

I have to say, in 5 very jam- packed sessions, my house looked fabulous, the photos turned out great, organized closets and basement! I never thought it could be done. Even my realtor was amazed!  Staging the house was all Nancy.  For her it was 1, 2, 3 and DONE to perfection!

So for all you out there that sit in front of your closet and cry, call Nancy…She is the best thing since sliced bread. I could not have done this without her!

I can’t wait to work with Nancy again after the Estate Sale and when my house is finally sold.  I now know my new home will be well organized and perfect.”

-Melissa Adams

“Nancy made it fun to do the tasks that I have been dreading and feeling very overwhelmed to attack.  I am now looking forward to this new “journey” ahead. Nancy has inspired me to make changes in my life that will help pave the way to an exciting future.  I feel grateful for so many of the simple solutions that she has shared.  I initially just expected to purge and find a place for everything and keep everything in its place, but Nancy opened my eyes to the significant changes that I needed to make in my lifestyle to keep things from getting back to the way they had been.  I continue to be excited about our future projects in the horizon and I intend to tap into her genius throughout the chapters of my life!  I thoroughly enjoyed her company.  Together we ate, we organized, and we conquered!”

-Felicia Thomas, Middle School Principal,

“I am delighted to tell you of the work of Nancy Borg, who recently helped us complete an unusual and difficult five-way move. We lived in our house for 42 years. As such, we accumulated a lot of stuff. And we had only a few weeks to prepare to move to a “junior 4” apartment. Nancy came to our house, explained how she organizes and soon began a process that enabled us to move large pieces of furniture to two of my daughters’ homes in Plainview, L.I., to another daughter’s home in Gladwyne, Pa., to our house in Wellington, and a new apartment in Floral Park.

We started in the attic and worked our way down, through five bedrooms, a den, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room and a basement, not to mention the garage, three bathrooms, and all of our outdoor furniture. What made the task even more challenging was that my wife became ill at the start of the preparations and was hospitalized for 11 days. She needed several weeks to recuperate, so her active participation with the packing was limited.   Nancy was there to label everything in different colors and coded all items respectively for each of the five different destinations. Nancy’s expertise in moving ensured us that we had all the essential packing materials and particular boxes for specific items. We also gathered extensive material to donate to charities like the Salvation Army and the Ovarian Cancer Society. Nancy knew which charities would be partial to some of our unique items and which would refuse them. She arranged for their individual pick-ups, labeled each item, and bagged clothing and other undesirables’, keeping a manifest list of everything.  It was a complex process.  We also had hired a dumpster for the unusable stuff we had accumulated (three typewriters, ladders, clocks, etc.). Nancy aided us in letting things go. On moving day, we used a professional company to pack our last-minute things and we had two trucks collect our belongings and deliver them to the five destinations. Nancy was helpful in every way, giving advice on movers, telling us what to ask, what to look for, whom to recommend, how to empty our drawers and cabinets, what things to keep, which to discard. Based on a very limited time constraint, she was still able to prepare us for our moving day with just five 4 hour organizing sessions. Her help was invaluable. She gave us her full attention, took about 15 minutes for lunch and was all business.  I commend her professional attitude and recommend her highly.”

Stuart Kampel, Former editor, New York Times, Long Island Section

“It is difficult to choose Nancy’s top three attributes since I would list them all. As the President of Weigh to Health Inc., a corporate wellness company, I hired Nancy to organize my office and my home. It was easy to trust Nancy immediately as she was extremely responsible, attentive to my needs and easy to work with. As a result of her efforts, “moving the mess” eliminated that feeling of being overwhelmed and that has allowed me to be more productive.  I highly recommend her.” 

-Bonnie Witler

“When people say they are born “organized,” they are not kidding.   I was witness to this phenomenon at my wedding, where Nancy was my flower girl at just 5 years old.  She was instructed to stroll down the aisle, dispersing the petals as she went.  But as she reached the end of the aisle, you could get an immediate sense that she was upset with the mess that she had made.  In her mind, even at such a young age, she was disturbed by the petal clutter she had created! She began to cry and she turned back down the aisle, and fastidiously picked up each and every petal and placed them back into the basket. With her rear end in the air and lace crinoline exposed, she broke down the house and hysterical laughter consumed the room.  A wedding we shall never forget, for sure.  It was at that moment, and obvious to all present, that a professional organizer was in the making!”

– Gert Taub  (the bride)