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Catch the Spring Fever…and Oh the Places You’ll Go!

“You’re off to great places!  Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!”

One of my all time favorite classic books is Dr. Seuss’s, Oh The Places You’ll Go.  I have read this book countless times to my young children many moons ago, and had even given it to my son before he left for college (FYI, he was mortified). But honestly, its inspiration is timeless and so here I am sharing its resounding message once again.

Spring vacation is over.  It was perhaps the perfect break that we all needed.  It was a long cold winter and we needed to reboot.  But now it’s time to crack the windows open, let the fresh air in, and breathe in all the new opportunities.

I woke up this morning to a bright sunny morning and I heard the birds melodically chirping.  It felt different, as if mother nature was alerting me that indeed the new season is here.  Do you feel the change too?  Are you paying attention?  It happens so quickly…one day it feels like winter left-overs and the next minute it’s Spring!

But as awesome as this change is, we must remember the window of opportunity is limited. Time to roll up those sleeves and jump into spring cleaning mode. Of course, there’s is the general house clean-up but the two areas that are time sensitive are the attic and the garage. Perfect opportunity for a garage sales and a house cleanse. Everyone is eager to shop for great bargains when the weather is beautiful.  It’s ideal to do all you can do outside. Crank up the music and clean out the shed.  Most importantly, the attic needs to be addressed before it gets too hot.  The time is now.

So remember, Spring has sprung…

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.  And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.”

Where will YOU begin to start your spring cleaning?

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Does Your Car Fit in the Garage?

Most would confess, no. Chances are whether you have one car or multiple cars, there’s usually never enough room in there anyway. It’s not about the cars, it’s about the stuff. If your garage is looking more than a storage facility than a “proper” home for your car, this would be a telltale sign that it is time to start your spring cleaning.

The garage is an ideal zone for your car to live, accommodate bicycle storage, sports equipment, shovels, and assorted hardware. But once you violate the parameters of this zone, you are inviting everything else that doesn’t fit in you house.  Typically, we just store our random homeless stuff and forget that it’s even there.

Ask yourself this;  do you even know what’s living in your garage that you’re holding on to?  Is it just stuff that’s collecting dust and buried in boxes because you thought you’d need it someday?

Well, make today that day to check it out!  Trash or treasure.  If you dig and find some old amazing stuff that you love and still love and need, congrats on the dig…you’ve found gold!  More importantly, if you find items that belong inside your home, then preserve it, respect it,and store it back inside your home in a temperature controlled environment.  But if you peer into the old dusty boxes and find nothing but your old life or useless memorabilia, trash it.

Pick a nice day, take all of your stuff out of the garage and bring it outside and rummage through the junk.  Make it a fun exercise. Have your own private yard sale before deciding you may need a public one.   Call in a Professional Organizer to help sort and facilitate the decision-making process.  Someone who is not emotionally attached to your sentimental cutter can be more objective and motivate you to toss neglected clutter.

My favorite junk removal company is Junkluggers. They will respectably remove and hand carry out your unwanted clutter, and re-purpose it. As an eco-friendly company, you can feel good about bidding farewell to the old bicycles, roller blades, the rusty paint cans,  moldy coolers, broken chairs, and rusty tools.  Hey, there are lots of cool new stuff out there and I bet you would opt to buy a new anything before you’d use your old stuff.

Seriously, time to get that car back into the garage.  Why store and protect the junk inside that you’ll never use, and leave your nice car outside on the street?

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