We are all so busy with our lives. Our schedules are hectic, our relationships are complex, our jobs are stressful, and the one commodity we all lack is the overabundance of FREE time. And when we finally find some leisure time, we certainly don’t want to spend it cleaning and sorting our stuff. Let’s face it, not only do we all own way too much stuff we have too much stuff to do, and little time to do it in!

We have an influx of paper coming into our homes at rapid speed, without ample time to sort or trash. We have bills past due, magazines unread, clothes galore (neither cleaned, folded, or found) There are pens that don’t write, projects that never get finished, garages that no longer accommodate our cars, consistently lost or misplaced items, and a vast collection of seldom watched CD’s and DVD’s that are climbing up our walls, etc. You and I both know that this list could go on forever.

So what do we do?

We do what any other average person would do; we continue to put things off for “later.”  But here’s the thing….putting things off for later just creates a million “tomorrows” that keep mounting into an overwhelming and fruitless situation.

Procrastination is paralyzing.

Make the time. Create more time to do the things you want to do, not have to do. Don’t you deserve that?

 If your “To Do”  list is growing and being neglected, chances are its filling your head with needless clutter, and impeding on your functionality. The solution is simple: Time-Management.  Organization is the most vital tool and foundation required to manage our daily lives. It nourishes our productivity in both our personal and professional lives. Follow the principle of “Clear the clutter….clear the mind” and see the difference!

Being organized is the best way to maintain balance and order in our daily lives. And it provides a more efficient and functional landscape for our entire life. More importantly, an ORGANIZED life is a more fulfilling one; it will reduce the day–to-day stress, and give us more time to enjoy our life and our family!