All Wrapped up in Holiday Busy? Personal Pace Wins the Race

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So funny how quickly Thanksgiving came and went, and most of us are already onto the next. We kicked off holiday mania with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and now we’ve hit the ground running.  We already have enough on our plates day-to-day, and now our to-do lists are growing exponentially.  How we manage this hectic time of year can impact our overall holiday experience.

Believe it or not, some of us already have many of their holiday gifts purchased and wrapped. Some of us even have the holiday decor out and set, or even menus planned. But… then there’s everyone else.

There’s the slow and steady shopper who slowly and steadily accumulate gifts and check off their lists diligently, while there are others who race around town every day with a little less focus and perhaps more anxiety. And even still, there are those who haven’t even begun to think about jumping into the frenzy at all. So where are YOU on the continuum?  One thing I know, for sure…it’s personal.  Very.

It’s so very easy to get caught up in the tumult around us. The stores are filled with the contagion of holiday busy and TV commercials are selling holiday joy every 10 minutes. Inevitably, we are lured into the madness. These influencers can interrupt our focus.

The challenge is in finding the balance.  Here’s how;

  • Stop the racingit’s exhausting.  It will not only raise your anxiety, it is likely that it can rob you of the joy.  Don’t get caught up in other’s exuberance, find your own rhythm.
  • Plan your day with a start and stop time.  Quite often, we burn out and stress out before the holiday even arrives. Instead, take a time out.  Find your personal pace and seize the opportunity to experience the great joy of celebrating your way.
  • Make your own choices.  It’s your holiday,  your personal kind of joy. Don’t beat yourself up for not keeping up with the “idealized” version of the holidays.  Not everyone is shopping for cars, and diamonds, and expensive technology. Not everyone has the time or money to shop endlessly.
  • Evaluate your “busy” and be sure it’s filled with activities you enjoy. Holiday shopping, party invites, and celebratory dinners can overwhelm your schedule.  Choose wisely.

Pacing your holiday busy means beating to your own drum.  It really has less to do with being more organized than the next guy, it’s more about knowing your natural life rhythm,  identifying your objectivesand the ability to manage time. Certainly, effective time-management strategies play a huge role in customizing your pace. Taking on too much in a concentrated period of time is fruitless.

Keeping pace that’s within your comfort zone will be far more fulfilling than trying to measure up to somebody else’s.

Somehow, it all gets done.  It always does.  Even if your proclivity is to be the “last-minute” shopper, and you’re more inclined to wait it out, you could be just as productive as the early bird “doorbuster” shopper. Choose the kind of holiday busy that works best with your comfort level.

The holidays are indeed a beautiful time to celebrate life, family and friends.  The key is to let it be joyful, not stressful.  Listen to your inner voice and sync your personal pace with the holiday commotion. Perhaps you need to slow it down, or do less.  Pay attention.  Truly, that’s how to create a “happy” holiday.

Are you all “wrapped up” in holiday busy? How are you pacing yourself? If you’ve got a minute, come join in the conversation :)

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