A Great Find …and Hopefully a Keeper!

So many of us are travelling at this time of year, the thought of losing luggageand personal items are always an added to the travel stress.  “Americans lose over 2 million items per month including iPhone, Blackberry, keys, luggage, treasured journals, and more.”   Did you know that over “50, 000 laptops are lost at the top 36 airports every month?”

Here’s the misconception, ” 70% of people surveyed believe they have no way to get those lost items back.”

Until now.

I came across a service that provides a confidential ID system designed not only to track your luggage, but all of your other favorite stuff!  No more exposing your private info on your personal things, in public places;  Go to TurlyTag and check it out.

Once you create an account, TurlyTag sends you a variety of ID tags for your bags, and stickers for your laptops and cell phones.  Each of your items will be tagged with your designated account number and if the worst happens, TurlyTag can recover your things without revealing your identity.

When someone finds your tagged item, it will be easy for TurlyTag to retrieve it.  They provide a return shipping allowance to help handle shipping your things back to you. If the costs exceed your allowance, you just have to pay the difference.  Should you choose to, you may also offer rewards through this service.

Kudos to www.boomerangit.com, another service that protects your identity and valuables from being lost or stolen, quickly and confidentially (I wish I knew about this before I accidentally left my Blackberry in a taxi).

Be smart with your smart technology and protect your gadgets when you travel.  After all, it is YOUR stuff.  What an efficient way to minimize the LOST and maximize the FOUND!

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