A Taste of Stardom is Tasty :)

I’m so flattered, humbled and honored, really.  It’s official…I’ve been named “Professional Organizers Blog Carnival Star Blogger!” Granted, it’s not an Oscar award, and I’m far from a celebrity, but it’s nice to be recognized just the same.

Janet Barclay at organizedassistant  has collaborated with Professional Organizers to create a a blog carnival that brings readers a wealth of information on different organizing topics each month.

I’m honored to stand amongst my colleagues and be a part of this wonderful collaborative effort.  It’s such a great opportunity to share our experiences and wisdom to visiting readers that can really benefit from the work that we do.  We are connected by our passion. We invite you to stop by and read.  Be inspired.  Be the change. Be the best YOU and you can be star too!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary compilation of helpful tips from the experts.  You can read this month’s “Top Ten Lists” here; http://organizedassistant.com/blog. Come and join the fun.  Make some popcorn.  Who doesn’t love a carnival?


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