Are Your Left-overs in the Right Containers?

Too many sizes, shapes and lids, oh my!  Whether you have toppling towers of stacked Tupperware or even a neater more organized assortment, I bet you are still often searching for the matching lid.

It’s often so frustrating when transferring your yummy left-overs into their proper containers. Ever time I go through the process, I realize that I never seem to have the appropriate size and so I am compelled to buy more. Uh-oh, inviting new tupperware to the already overabundant inventory is probably not a good idea. Not surprisingly, it’s the cabinet that always seems to be multiplying with plastic clutter.   For me, the clean up and transfer is always hit or miss….it feels like the ultimate space-planning challenge.

I seem to be pretty good at eye-balling individual pieces of chicken or meatballs, but when it comes to the side dishes like rice, mashed potatoes, and especially salad, I  am doomed to fail.  Here’s the routine…I commit to a storage container and invariably select one that is slightly too small for the contents.  I’m left with three choices;  toss the excess in the garbage, take out a second container to store what remains, or start again with a bigger container altogether. Too guilty to be wasteful, I generally go with the latter and so then I am left with a dirty reject that needs to be cleaned. Nothing worse than having to clean a dirty container that was never really utilized.

So here’s the great news! I  found the ultimate solution to optimize your food storage.  No more decisions, no more mistakes.   Check out this Tupperware Carousel, a flexible interchangeable mix and match storage system.  the bottoms can be lids and the lids can be bottoms, so you always have the room you need! Every piece fits into each other and you’ll never lose a lid again! A foolproof way to organize your containers and store your leftovers.

Are your LEFT-overs in the RIGHT containers?  Wow Containers definitely WOW-ed me!  Yet another genius idea that I should have thought of designing myself.

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