Let’s Talk Food Shop

2441851141_optIs your supermarket organized the way you like it?  Mine is forever changing. They’re constantly re-mechandising, I get it.  Smart marketing strategies are evident in aisle end caps; prime real estate for sale items and for seasonal displays. These teasers are specifically targeted to the impulsive and harried shopper, and it works seamlessly. But sometimes this changes the usual location of other products, and it takes me longer to hunt down the item I’m looking for.

When you’re in a hurry, consistency is important for a quick retrieval. Yet, every time I go, it feels more like a scavenger hunt for staple items. I have searched and found twine in at least four different aisles; laundry, party goods, office supplies, auto/electrical aisles, and it’s never a sure thing.  The Q-tips used to live in the beauty- aid aisle and now they are in the baby-care section. Every time I go, it’s a scavenger hunt for staple items. There are multiple locations to buy chips, cheeses, and certain breads and crackers.

And of course, purposely, the dairy section is in the furthest point of the store so you have to trek through the entire store to pick up a quart of milk. Inevitably, you’ll probably purchase something you don’t really need, especially if you’re hungry.  Consumerism at its best.

The goodies displayed in the checkout aisle is always an interesting experience.  I always feel badly for the mom with her young children who begin to whine as they approach the displays. It’s a true testament for her will power.  The array of candies and toys are super tempting and quite effective for the frazzled Mom to quiet her screaming child.  I’ve been witness to the struggle countless times.

When the lines are long, it’s difficult to maneuver your wagon. And if the registers are not adequately staffed, the experience can be chaotic.

Food shopping need not be so stressful.  Some people love this errand and others dread it.

How ’bout you? Is it a love or hate to do?

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