Summer “Bucket List” Woes

It’s about that same time now, each summer we repeatedly have the same regrets.  It’s about the second week of August and we all get a sense that the summer is fleeting, and once again, we didn’t get to do all those things we promised ourselves we would.  How does this happen?  Year after year, it’s the same thing.  We start with the kick-off of Memorial Day weekend, and we’re thinking we have the whole summer in front of us, then in what feels like an instant, it’s July 4th that sneaks up on us, and boom…’s somehow August.  Summer camps are finishing up, and we go into a panic because we can smell Labor Day.

So what I’m trying to convey to all you procrastinators out there…..while it is still gorgeous and warm out, get to the beach, clean out that garage, take the hike, ride the bike, and embrace the summertime before the leaves start turning.  Be outside, do something fun.  Go through your wish list, and check off something.  There is still time.  Eliminate regrets.

As for myself,  my summer bucket list is longer than I would like, but I promised myself this year I would regret less, do more.  I picked a hard summer to satisfy this goal since I just moved, but I managed to stick in a beach day, an overnight in the country, a theater day in NYC, and I’m just getting started.  There will be many more days for me on the beach, on a golf course, and watching the sun set somewhere.  I hope this feeling  is contagious for you, my Internet friends.

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