Green and Easy Organizing

Day 8:  (April 22, 2010) Celebrating “EARTH DAY” in a big way!!!! Big day…… Earth  Day!!!!  Kermit The Frog is wrong…It’s “easy being green!” Going to Best Buy, who recycles all unwanted technology. It’s clutter. They charge you $10.00 for each item and in return, you receive a $10.00 gift certificate(whatever, if you don’t want the store credit, you can just donate the items for no fee).  So today,  it’s apropos to drop off all the old electronics; the computers and monitors, the kids’ stereo systems, old laptops, etc. and recycle. Done and done. Happy Birthday Earth!!!  As for the maze of wires, mysterious adapters, USB cables, old cell phones, and the like, I need to wait for my kids to come over and determine if they still serve a purpose or are obsolete.

This weekend my son and daughter are coming from their city apartments to start their participation in this process.  This should be interesting.  They are well aware as to how organized I am, and frankly I think they are a bit weary about my relentless drive to get things done expeditiously. Not a day for relaxing on the couch with the family, watching TV, and definitely no time for the afternoon nap.

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