Addressing the Clutter Prior to the Sort


Day 4: (April 16, 2010) OK, so let’s start the tour. Let’s consider the accumulated possessions that are overabundant:  I am no different than any one of you…We all have way too much stuff, and whether or not we have the ample space, we still tend to collect things throughout our lives to punctuate our memories. With little time to constantly weed out, we just continue to accumulate clutter. I had the luxury of storage space so holding onto my old treasures (and organizing them) did not negatively impact my life, nor clutter my living space.  Until now……


Glass Vases: (refer to above photos).  Over 31 years of marriage, celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays, there has been a joyful parade of floral arrangements coming into the house, married with a myriad of glass vases in a variety of sizes.  “Clearly”, (no pun intended) one household does not need to compete with the local florist. Note to self, need to downsize from the 40 vases, seriously. Time to purge.

Additional Items to address: Tupperware, Hotel freebies (body lotions, conditioners),  excess kitchen gadgets never used,  excess kitchen utensils (too many options), array of wire hangars, an excessive amount of coffee mugs in variety of sizes and colors, as well  those wicker baskets (so unique in size and shape they do not nestle nor stack).  Discriminate and eliminate!

I was going to inquire at my local florist to see if they wanted to take my vases back, but thought that a charity could really benefit from them ,maybe utilize them for centerpieces at their fundraisers. Called Lupus Foundation , arranged for the pick-up and set aside an area in my hallway for its pile.