Are You Getting A Return On Your “Savings?”

Nope, I’m not talking about the green stuff in the bank. I’m talking about the other stuff you are saving….the stuff you are holding onto because you can’t seem to let it go. If you are thinking about saving things that you might use one day, or holding onto clothing you might wear someday….think again.  Someone else can certainly benefit from it now, so let it go. If you are a parent and you’re thinking about saving stuff for your kids, thinking they might want it…think again. Generally speaking, (and I don’t mean to offend the exception to the rule), chances are great that your kid’s don’t want your old stuff, they have their own. Trust me, I’ve learned from personal experience, and I’m just passing on the sad truth. I too, have been guilty of  justifying hanging on to similar clutter.  So do yourself a favor, evaluate your savings. Are you enjoying them? Are you reaping great rewards from them? If your riches are sitting in a box on an inaccessible shelf somewhere, or buried in a drawer, or tucked away in a dusty attic, how valuable are they really? Save the stuff that brings you joy as you live your life today. Let go of the hobby that never sustained the passion and toss its stuff. Or better yet, while weeding through your life’s clutter, perhaps you will make a new discovery and be inspired to re-invest in the old dream. That would be a unique twist, don’t you think? Imagine converting clutter into liberation. Now that would be an immeasurable savings!

Either way, make realistic and attainable investments in your present self. Don’t save the old stuff unless the returns are great.