Home Sweet Home

Day 32: (July 7)  As I glance around, I’m getting a sense that everything is finding its right place.  My kitchen is organized, and my chotchkes are in place, and for the first time, I can take a breath and take it all in. Although a temporary landing place, this will be where we live for now, where my children will come to visit, where we will celebrate our holidays, where we will share the good times and the bad, the laughter and the tears.  No, this may not be considered our permanent house, but wherever my family is, we shall call that place,  “Home”. 

There is so much still to do; bathrooms to organize, drawers and closets that need organizers, towels, floor mats, garbage pails, etc.. Need to make a list….Bed, Bath, and Beyond here I come.  There is additional technology to purchase; phones, TVs,  etc.

Taking one step at a time once again, now that I am on the other side of this move.  Begin to schedule appointments for phone and computer services to hook up.  Here we go again.