Regrets, I’ve Had a Few, But Then Again Too Few Too Mention

It’s about that same time now, each summer we repeatedly have the same regrets.  It’s about the third week of August and we all get a sense that the summer is over, and once again, we didn’t get to do all those things we promised ourselves we would.

How does this happen?  Year after year, it’s the same ‘ol thing.  We start with the kick-off of Memorial Day weekend, and we’re thinking we have the whole summer in front of us. Then, in what feels like an instant, it’s July 4th that sneaks up on us, and boom…it’s somehow August.

Summer camp is over, college students are beginning to migrate, back to school supplies are everywhere, and we slide into a panic because we can smell Labor Day. It’s actually here.

Reflecting on my personal summer, I would have liked to;

  • work less inside and catch more sunshine
  • go to the beach more than once 🙁
  • golf more

Other than that, no complaints.  I’m content with my Summer bucket list.  As always, just wish the summer was longer.

Like only Frank Sinatra can say it, “I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway and more, much more than this, I did it my way .”

Do you have summer bucket list woes? What things did you hope to accomplish? Looking back, would you change anything now? Did you manage your time well?