Time is Telling But What is it Saying?

Tick-tock…Tick-tock.  Are you running late or running behind?  Ahead of schedule or catching up? How many of us are actually on time?

We rely on our watches to watch “time“. It is fundamentally the only universal reference we have to measure a day. We are governed by time. Who doesn’t wear a watch or carry some sort of device to manage their time? It functions as our own personal alert system to remind us when we have to do just about anything. Time doesn’t only punctuate our mealtimes, appointments, or travel;  it organizes all of our life activities.  It is our ultimate life tracker.

But the interesting thing about time is that we all regard it differently.  Some of us adhere to it fastidiously, while others pay it little respect with a more nonchalant attitude.

I believe that time is our primary executive tool to function everyday and it’s what connects us to one another, like a universal language. Time has exponential value.  And so when we lose track of it, it can easily tumble into a domino effect and disturb all spheres of our lives.  Think about how many infinite and costly consequences there can be as a result of time not being on our side.

Things happen. There are appointments to make, schedules to keep, planes to catch, and time zones to calculate, and if there is one small glitch in the system, it can all go very wrong.  If it’s something that you can control, then be accountable.  Of course, there are always unforeseen circumstances that are clearly out of your hands.  It can be as insignificant as oversleeping (your bad), traffic (unpredictable and excusable, or perhaps you didn’t allow yourself enough time?), or as serious as an unfortunate accident.  In any case, any one of those scenarios can spill into late appointments, missed plane connections, or even the most severe of consequences.

Time may be our life compass but that doesn’t mean you cannot steer your own ship.  Be the captain of your helm.  Plug in the coordinates of your life and manage them.  Use time as your organizer, not your ruler.  And ask yourself this; do you control time or does time control you?  Do you play with time effectively or do you live on the edge with time?  Evaluate, pay attention,  and you’ll see….time will tell.