What Your Stuff Says About You (If Only Your Stuff Could Talk)

Well, that all depends how much stuff you have.  If you have a lot of stuff, then that’s a lot of conversation.

The late George Carlin will always be fondly remembered for his insightful comedic bit on stuff.  He was right about how particular we are about our stuff.  But, stuff is just stuff. It is made up of a bunch of material acquisitions, not living things. They can certainly bring you immeasurable joy but they won’t hug you back, and hopefully possessing them, won’t define you. They are merely things, not people.

Admittedly, we all have stuff…but when does it become clutter?

First question you might want to ask yourself is, “am I enjoying my stuff?” or better yet, “am I using my stuff?”

Here’s an interesting thought…

If your stuff had human feelings, and if they could only talk, this is what some of them might be thinking;

Clothes:  “You have 12 green sweaters, and wear only 2, the other 10 of us are wondering why we’re not good enough to ever get worn. We’re tired of screaming,  pick me, pick me!  And you never do, you pass us by and always pick the newest ones.  We’re just taking up space in your closet for no reason. Some of us aren’t even hung up on hangers, we are strewn in piles on the floor with little or no regard for our well-being.”

Cars:  “We have been pushed out of our rightful home, and left out to rot in the cold.  We have been replaced by towers of stacked boxes of clutter that you never use.  You drive us everyday.  Who’s more important, the useless clutter or the valuable car?

Memorabilia:  “If we are so treasured and sacred, then why did you put us on a inaccessible dusty shelf in the attic, and never visit?”

Books:  “You never read us anymore, nor pay us any attention.  Some of us are tattered and torn.  Let us go, a library will love us more.”

Old instruments:  “We used to be your favorite pastime, but you never want to play with us anymore, where’s the pleasure in holding on to us? We are music that you have silenced.  We have a voice and want to be heard.”

Shoes:  “We just want to remind you that you only have two feet and you own more shoes than you can wear in a lifetime. We never feel special among the countless other pair of black shoes. Do you know that there are millions of  less fortunate people who walk barefoot?  We want to take a walk with those who need and appreciate us.”

Junk:  ” You throw us all in one drawer together, we like to be with our like selves so we can find each other.  We like to hang out together so you can find us when you need us. Must you keep us all mixed together with the gum, keys, pens, glasses, and crumpled receipts?  We are always lost and never found.  Please organize us by creating each of us a special home.”

Here’s the takeaway…

Use your stuff.  Honor, respect, and enjoy what you own. It should reflect who you are today, and above all, know where it is.  More importantly,  holding on to stuff that is no longer used, or no longer relevant in your life, is pointless. Use it or donate it.  Share what is overabundant.

Are you a good caregiver to your stuff? Hope so, ’cause they’ll never tell.