Fighting the Winter Blues and Winning

I know, the winter doldrums are getting to us all.  Special empathy goes out to my fellow New Yorkers (sorry but I’m the one who’s blogging and I feel for my peeps) because it’s been a particularly rough winter thus far.  Between the multiple snowstorms in a short span of time,  the extreme cold weather coupled with the short darker days, and no end in sight, we’ve just about had it.  Where is the sun?  Better yet, when was the last time we saw a blue sky?   Everything looks grey, even the snow is grey!

It is a struggle each morning to get up and out from under the warm covers and face another blah winter day.  We have a good fight ahead indeed, with at least three more months left to battle.  But don’t stress, there are things to do that can help overcome these plaguing blues.  While we must recognize that a long cold winter is not so tragic, we can still find a way to bring some sunshine into our lives.  My Mom always taught me to dress contrary to the weather, and I always did.  Try dressing happy.  Wear bright yellow.  Shock your friends and colleagues by putting on a bright and bold colored anything, and I promise if it doesn’t brighten your day even just a little, at least you’ll be the talk of the town at the water cooler.

Find your inner happy …. maybe play some favorite tunes from the summer and visualize the long walks on the beach, because you’re definitely not getting the warm fuzzy feeling from the icy sidewalks.  Let’s not give the weather so much power and allow it to dictate our moods.  We’re better than that.  We cannot claim to control the weather but we can certainly create our own happiness, so button up your overcoat and go find some.

My friends, remember if all else fails, know that there are brighter days ahead because the winter has an eventual end.  Like most good and bad things, this too shall pass.