How to Avoid Burn-out

toast-2_optAre there days that you actually feel like burnt toast? Burnt out and ready to crack? Overworked and sleep deprived? You are not alone.

With the challenges of today’s economy, it seems now that people are working harder than ever before.  We must.  We have to, we have no choice.  So many, in fact, are fighting solely in survival mode.  Indeed, we are stressed, pressed, and overwhelmed.  But we cannot be our BEST selves if we are constantly pushing the envelope.

In truth, being a workaholic can prove to be counterproductive.

Take a mental health day.  It’s mandatory for the soul.  Impose a day off from routine tasks. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break every once in a while, it’s the best medicine.   No need to drown yourself in commitment and operate in full throttle 24/7.  We are fragile.  We must pay attention to our individual capacities and be mindful when we reach our max.

We all have different measures of burn-out.  I’m all for productivity and setting goals, but I also advocate setting parameters. Whether it’s a day off, or a free weekend, use this time to recharge your battery.  Sometimes doing nothing is something. Free yourself of the little annoying tasks that don’t have to get done, take a walk instead.  Watch a movie, take a nap, frolic in a street fair or wander aimlessly without purpose.  It’s OK (now and then) to give yourself permission to relax and reset.

So if you sense that burn-out is encroaching,  adjust your personal toaster and modify the settings.   If burnt toast is not your ideal preference, then monitor and control the heat BEFORE you crash and burn.

Pay attention. Keep a healthy pace. Find the balance. You will not only succeed, you will soar.