“Man Plans, and G-d Laughs”

Day 9: (April 24) The untimely passing of my Mother-in-law has struck our family with tremendous grief, and for obvious reasons, brought this progress to an abrupt halt.  People often say that is is ordinary “life” that gets in the way of organization, but Au Contra-ire, my friends, today it is death that stalled this process. The impending funeral, followed by a week of mourning with family and friends will, delay the organizational process.  However, the deadline of the move will drive us to continue, and prevent us from postponing further.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I can see now, from this personal experience, that life altering events and crisis can be paralyzing, and understand how clutter and disorganization can flourish in these times.  And if there are no particular parameters to adhere to…it can only fester into a full blown crisis.  My move date is non-negotiable one, so we have to continue sorting and packing through the grieving process.  I think it’s good to have goals, whether you set them or they are set for you.