Micro-Managing the Organization of the Move

Day 6: (April 20, 2010) Still thinking…still planning. Readiness and preparedness are key principles to foster systematic and successful results. (Sorry, I can’t help it…. I told you I was organized!)

The design of the “new” space presents a whole host of new challenges and considerations.  Since I will not be able to keep all of my furniture, some lighting fixtures, a  large chandelier, a baby grand piano, a marble card table and chairs, window treatments, three different sets of four bar stools (yes, if you are counting that is 12 stools!) too many mattresses, more couches that I need, etc.. I must decide what WILL fit and where will it go?  I will address what pieces of furniture will be re-purposed and modify its functionality.  There is a great deal of hanging Art that will have to be reassigned to new locations, as well.  To proceed in this effort, organization is paramount.  My intentions are to take digital photos of my couches, coffee tables, end tables, chests, decorative art, etc, visit the new space, measure and reconfigure all their new locations.  This will ensure that the move on the other end will be time- proficient. Making these decisions prior to the move is essential.

One of the major challenges I will confront, is accommodating the stuff that neatly fits into my numerous customized built-in wall units. That means I will have to create new organizing systems to accommodate all the audio and technological equipment, books, numerous framed photos and the like, (which I am now realizing) that it probably also means there will be some shopping to do.  My present kitchen is custom-designed, functions as the  core of my home that showcases my personal lifestyle and caters to my specific culinary needs. I designed a desk area  to facilitate my home-based business, where I can utilize my computer and manage my paper files.  Concealed inside a cabinet is a cork board displaying my information; a place to organize calendar of events, reminders, invitations etc. I have had the luxury of lots of space , and I know that there will be concessions to make as I must negotiate the new and smaller space that lay  ahead of me. There are extensive storage units for storing serving trays, cookware, stackables of ass’t . Tupperware ,and a wide variety of entertaining platters.  So something has to give.  Either I entertain less, (have less parties and holiday dinners) or reduce the inventory and deal with less. It’s time to discriminate again.  Decide to decide; what to keep and what to bid farewell.