Pacing the Organizing Process is Key

Day 11: (May 5)  Not a huge advocate of “maybe” piles, but today I am more cognizant of hasty decisions that can potentially lead to regretful ones.  So for some personal and special mementos (my wedding gown, bride and groom topper of wedding cake, honeymoon suite keys, telegrams) I deferred to pausing for a couple of days to think about it before I purge them.  I am learning that is important to weed in stages, and take baby steps.  Once it’s tossed, it’s lost forever.  Honestly, sometimes it feels like the loss of a limb or leg, and for other possessions, the toss is painless.  You need to be ready. It is mentally exhausting and emotionally draining to actively organize the sentimental items everyday and for long periods of time.  I am weary about early burn-out and how counterproductive it could be…sometimes you need to step away.