School’s Almost Out For Summer! Can You Feel the Shift?

The school year’s end punctuates the end of another academic year.  For some, it is just a transitioning from one year to the next, and for others it could mean a more finite ending. Whether it’s moving up day or graduation, for everybody, this time of year means change.

  • If you have young children in Pre-K through middle school, it could mean packing your kid’s school papers, projects, and memorabilia from this past year to save as a keepsake.
  • If you have a High School student, they might be preparing to register for summer courses for college prep exams.
  • If you have a child first attending college this coming Fall, you will be probably be shopping, organizing and helping them prepare for their new dorm life.
  • If you have children already in college, you might be suggesting they store next semester’s essentials in a nearby facility. Thinking smart, economical, and efficient.  Always planning.

And if you have a High School Graduate, they might be coming home and staying home for good! Moving back home after 4 years can be daunting for both the student and the parents.  Everyone’s thinking the same…  There’s a lot of stuff.  Where is it all going?

In any of these scenarios, organizing and packing are the obvious, but decision-making and purging are really the first essential pieces to this process.

Decide on what is really important to you and let the rest go.  Find ways to preserve the sentimental treasures so you can reflect back on them with appreciation.  Avoid filling up endless boxes of unread papers and forgettable souvenirs that will find its way to a dusty attic or hidden spaces in a basement.  Discriminate now.  This way you won’t be burdened with overwhelming clutter years from now.

It’s always a good idea to do all this organizing while it’s fresh in your mind.  When you delay, you are more apt to continue to postpone, and eventually it becomes increasingly overwhelming to want to deal with it at all.

So commit to at least 1-2 days to organize this year’s school “stuff” and organize what’s significant. You will be so happy that you got it over with before the next school year approaches.  Sort it, trash it, pack it, label it, and store it. After that, there’s nothing else to do but enjoy the summer!

Unless of course, you LOVE to organize and prepare (you know who you are)…and you want to get a jump on the next school year.  You can always start purchasing new school supplies tomorrow.  Staples is awaiting.