Secrets of An Organized Wallet

When your wallet is bursting, and all those crumpled receipts and dollar bills have no order to them , it’s time to clean out.  In fact, it is a great habit to weed often.  If every day is not realistic, then try to weed weekly.  Pick a day, any day, and empty out the entire wallet.  Know what stuff you have in there. It shouldn’t be a mystery, it’s yours.  Put your currency in order, put the loose change in a designated jar, and most importantly label your receipts.  Most stores have a computer print out with the description of  the item on it, but there are some that have an ambiguous cryptic code, or secret department number, and you have no clue what you just bought.  Trust me, I am speaking from personal experience, and it is life changing.  On top of every receipt, I jot down what the item is, so if I need to return or exchange, I’m not frantically pulling out wads of paper searching and reading every one.  Make life easier for yourself.  It’s good to be organized.