A Small Save Can Reap A Great Reward

Not sure everybody knows this, but I must share this little tidbit about buying an orchid from Home Depot.  Orchids are one of  the most beautiful flowering plants and although they do not need a lot of care, people tell me they are really hard to keep alive.  Seriously, you barely have to water them.  Just make the valiant effort and buy the raffia and bamboo sticks to help out a little for support and growth.  Clearly, loving the plant is not sufficient.  Personally speaking, it was the perfect plant for me; low maintenance and hard to mess up, but it seems that I’ve already over-watered this one.  If you have had one, and killed it, there is good news, but only if you have SAVED the receipt!!!  If you purchased it at Home Depot, (within a year) bring back your dead orchid (so sad) with the receipt, they will refund your money and you can buy another one!!  So if you do not have the green thumb thing going on, you can have an orchid your whole life.

So be organized with your receipts, and save them for guilty pleasures.